The Architectural Conservation Laboratory ACLab is a laboratory for research and teaching in the conservation of built heritage at the Division of Architectural Conservation Programmes ACP in the Faculty of Architecture at The University of Hong Kong.

The laboratory consists of three components: teaching, research and professional service. The teaching component of the laboratory commenced in 2015 as part of the Year-4 syllabus of the BA(Conservation) curriculum (CONS4002 Conservation Laboratory).  The professional service component has been in operation in a temporary space since March 2012 supporting local built heritage conservation projects. The laboratory recently opened in its final location in February/March 2017.

The Conservation Laboratory is an important component to provide a comprehensive education in conservation. Conservation and restoration and conservation science are internationally recognised professional fields, but still developing professions in Hong Kong and China. There is a lack of expertise among architectural conservation professionals to be able to integrate scientific investigation and understanding of materials and their deterioration in order to find suitable conservation treatments.