About us


Since the advent of the knowledge economy and the outbreak of the regional and global financial crises in the last two decades, governments in the Asia Pacific region to ensure the provision of affordable housing to their people. The recent economic booms and the housing price and rent hikes also increasingly rendered affordable housing impossible dreams of many, urging governments to take effective measures. It is incumbent upon urban researchers to help solving these problems. The Faculty of Architecture of The University of Hong Kong, comprised of three departments in built environment disciplines, has thus set up an Affordable Housing Research Network (AHRN) to help understand the problems and find solutions.



To promote research in affordable housing in the Faculty of Architecture, and to provide academic input to facilitate the provision of affordable housing in Hong Kong and China specifically and Asia generally.


To serve as an international anchor in affordable housing research and to help improve housing quality, equity and efficiency of affordable housing in Hong Kong and China specifically and Asia generally.


  • To facilitate and conduct research on affordable housing policy and professional practices, including comparative research;
  • To provide a platform for the dissemination and discussion on good practices in the planning, design and management of affordable housing; and
  • To inform the local government and community our research findings on housing affordability.

Major Activities:

  •  To operate a website on affordable housing research;
  •  To organize a seminar series to exchange research findings in and views on affordable housing; and to
  •  To convey to the mass media our views on current affordable housing issues.

You will be able to find the profiles and the research details of the Core Members of the Network in this homepage. You are most welcome to email us at ahrn@hku.hk your views and feedback on our work.

We look forward to seeing you at our seminars.

Professor Rebecca Lai Har Chiu
Affordable Housing Research Network
10 December 2012