CHIU, Lai Har Rebecca 趙麗霞

Professor, Department of Urban Planning and Design, HKU
Director, Affordable Housing Research Network, HKU
Founding Director, Asia-Pacific Network of Housing Research
Assistant Director,Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning, HKU
Tel: 28592727


Major Research Interests 研究課題

Housing and urban sustainability in high-density Chinese and Asian cities, social sustainability of gated communities, and comparative housing policies in Asia.

Major Current Research Projects 研究項目

  • Social sustainability of gated communities in a high density city: the case of Hong Kong.
  • Transferability of housing policies.
  • Segregation of sorting? The causes and consequences of Hong Kong’s socio-spatial structure.
  • Rapid urbanization and public housing policy in China: a study of their interactions and compatibility.
  • Comparative housing policy of East Asian economies.
  • Post-reform housing policy in China.
  • Sustainable housing development.

Major Recent Publications on Housing 近期關於房屋的著作

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