JIA, Beisi 賈倍思

BEng Najnjing Inst of Tech/ PhD Southeast/ PGCArch ETH Zurich/ PDR ETH Zurich/ IFHP / CIBW104 / Assoc HKIA
Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, HKU
Tel: 25533815

Major Research Interests研究課題

Quality housing design and construction which is people responsive and interactive, and environmental friendly, open bulding in Asian cities.

Major Current Research Projects研究項目

  • Housing adaptability and sustainable housing development

Major Recent Publications on Housing近期關於房屋的著作

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  • Jia, B. (2011). Book Reviews –Urban Housing Handbook. Urban Morphology, Vol.15 (2), 170-171.
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  • Jia, B., Khan, T.H., Dhar, T.K. &Wilkinson, N. (2010). Architects  Design Options in Self Built Houses: Lessons From Bangladesh. Open House International, Vol.35 (1), 49-56.
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