The objective of the Information Technology and Digital Fabrication Unit of the Faculty of Architecture is to provide resources which will allow designers to merge digital imaging and fabrication techniques together. The workshop (the site of traditional craft-based construction) has been combined with our substantial computing and imaging facility (the primary site for digital design imaging, and other computational work) creating a comprehensive state-of-the-art fabrication laboratory. Coupled with a robust network infrastructure and extraordinarily knowledgeable staff, the Faculty of Architecture provides a rich educational and research driven environment about emerging and traditional technology.

The students of the Faculty have access to an 8x4ft CNC milling and scanning machine as well as a photo-polymer jetting 3D printer. AlI laboratories and studios are connected to a computer network of about 600 nodes, with gigabit Ethernet as the backbone connectivity.

Facilities provided by the Faculty include:

Information Technology (inc. printing and document scanning):

  1. The CAD Laboratory (Computer Room KB205)


Digital Fabrication:

  1. The Digital Fabrication Laboratory (KB208)
  2. The Wood Workshop (KB208)
  3. The Robotic Fabrication Laboratory (KB-UG14)


General Enquiry:

3917 5830