The Faculty of Architecture operates programs in Shanghai, at our Shanghai Study Centre, which is a vital counterpart to other programs in Hong Kong. Our goal is that every undergraduate in the Department of Architecture, and eventually the Division of Landscape Architecture, spends one complete semester of their studies in China, without interrupting their degree program at HKU. With the opening of this Centre, the Department of Real Estate and Construction has the advantage of a well-placed and equipped facility to augment its Taught Postgraduate China Program.

The Shanghai Study Centre also houses the HKU Shanghai Office, the HKU Journalism and Media Study Center, and architecture SH (a public gallery for the exhibition of design projects related to the mission of the Centre). The joint studios and other activities that the Department of Architecture conducts with other overseas Universities will also utilize the Centre.

Some of the activities held at the Shanghai Study Centre –

ACP Shanghai Workshop on Adaptive Re-use

As part of its on-going activities, the Architectural Conservation Program (ACP) at the Faculty held a Workshop at the Shanghai Study Centre. The ACP Shanghai Workshop on Adaptive Re-use was held in March 2009 under the MSc course ARCH 8022 Topics in Heritage Conservation.
ACP workshops in conservation topics are an integrated component of the program curriculum. The purpose of such workshops is to increase awareness and understanding of current conservation practices worldwide, and provide opportunities for exchanges with conservation professionals from academia, government and professional practice outside Hong Kong.

Held for the first time at HKU Faculty of Architecture’s Shanghai Study Centre from 26 to 29 March 2009, ACP Shanghai Workshop on Adaptive Re-use was an intensive advanced course in the Architectural Conservation Program (ACP) that required students to attend lectures, carry out field studies and prepare presentations of their analytical findings. Twenty ACP students in the Master of Science in Conservation studies participated in this workshop led by Dr. Lynne DiStefano and Dr. Ho-Yin Lee, and supported with guest-lecturers by Professors Qing Chang, Yongyi Lu and Jiang Wu from the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University. The workshop focused on understanding Shanghai’s approach to, and method of, appropriate adaptive re-use of heritage buildings, with the objective of applying this learning to Hong Kong and other cities in China.

Architectural Association Summer Visiting School in Shanghai

The AA Shanghai Summer School has been held consecutively since the last three years. This August, AA will hold its Summer School in the Faculty of Architecture’s Shanghai Study Centre. This intensive nine-day studio-based course will investigate new computational design approaches in architecture and urbanism within the context of Shanghai, one of the most rapidly growing cities. The course will be taught by tutors from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong and from the AA School of Architecture, along with alumni and visitors.

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