Melbourne, Scott Jennings BLA Washington; MLA Harvard

sjmelbourne headshot

Scott Jennings Melbourne is an Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. His research advances design implementation methodologies and explores the impact of landscape spaces on urban networks.

Melbourne possesses more than a decade of experience in professional practice. He began his career in Seattle, working in the offices of Richard Haag Associates, MITHUN Architects and Charles Anderson Landscape Architecture. His early project experience was focused on large-scale waterfronts and more finely crafted environments linking landscape and art. He spent four years with SWA Group, contributing to the design of universities in the Middle East, resorts in Latin America and mixed-use projects throughout Asia. Prior to joining the Faculty of Architecture he was based in Shanghai, where he helped launch SWA’s first non-US office in 2011.

Melbourne’s project work in Mainland China began in 2002 assisting on a finalist entry for the Beijing Olympic Forest Park. In the years since he has collaborated on a multitude of master planning and site design works, and in 2008 was a visiting designer for Shenzhen-based Vanke. His pedagogical experience includes teaching as a lecturer at the University of Washington and extensive contributions in research and instruction during his studies at Harvard.

Melbourne holds the degree of Master in Landscape Architecture with Distinction from Harvard University and Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington. While at Harvard he was a Penny White recipient and awarded the Norman T. Newton Prize.

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