News and Events:
Seminar for researchers and RPG students of the Faculty of Architecture – Thinking epidemiologically as a Built Environment researcher working on healthy cities
Faculty of Architecture and Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Joint Lecture
A Tale of the Flying Fox : Summer 2015 Tianjin University-University of Hong Kong Architectural Field Study
Undergraduate admissions talks for JUPAS applicants on 12 May 2015 of the JUPAS Info Week
The Ronald Coase Institute – Workshop on Institutional Analysis
The Ronald Coase Institute and The Ronald Coase Center for  Property Rights Research – Seminar on a Coasean Approach to Property Rights Research
The Ronald Coase Center for Property Rights Research, The University of Hong Kong – Inaugural Symposium
Spring 2015 Public Lecture Series – by Jane Pavitt : Designing the Welfare State: design and the public realm in Britain 1945-70
MSc Graduation Tea Party 2015
Spring 2015 Discussion Series – The Architecture of Alvaro Siza
Spring 2015 Discussion Series – Design Process Diaries: 14 Weeks  and Sensory Garden:  Lessons Learned From the UK & Singapore
Spring 2015 Public Lecture Series – Art Of Garden: A Social Device Symposium
Hong Kong Housing Society Distinguished Lecture Series on Sustainable Housing Development
Spring 2015 Discussion Series – Topological Relationships in Chinese Classical Gardens and their Significance Today