The Faculty Home is the place we can all go to learn about what is happening in the faculty. It is not our Faculty Website, which is really the place for presenting ourselves and our work to the outside world. This site is for you. If it doesn’t help you, help us to improve it!

It is made up of a continuous stream of news, organized by departments, both academic and administrative, as well as by other criteria like curriculum. Everything will be tagged with additional information to help make sure you don’t miss important relevant information.

The various pages of this site will be constantly updated with up-to-date information, so that we can all count on this site as a resource. Search will help us get to what we need.

Content will be edited and maintained by the content creators, helping to guarantee accuracy and timeliness. If you have something to share, let us know and we’ll help you to publish your news/event/information.

This site will alleviate the tremendous amount of email we all receive. By aggregating all of the faculty’s information and by enabling several ways to quickly preview and filter information, we will simplify the ways we share and learn together. We hope you will all feel at home in the Faculty of Architecture.