CIB-HKU Student Chapter

CIB-HKU Student Chapter is a student branch chapter of an international research council – International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB), supported by the Faculty of Architecture, Hong Kong University. It aims to promote discussions and debates on general issues and cutting edge research trends in Architecture, Urban planning and design, Engineering, Construction and Real Estate domains. All RPG students in the Faculty of Architecture are automatically members in CIB-HKU Student Chapter!

CIB previously stood for “Conseil International du Bâtiment”, today it is known as the “International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction“. It is an international research council which provides a global network for international exchange and cooperation in research and innovation in building and construction in support of an improved building process and of improved performance of the built environment. CIB today consists of a world wide network of over 5000 experts from about 500 member organisations active in the research community, in industry or in education, who cooperate and exchange information in over 50 CIB Commissions covering all fields in building and construction related research and innovation. It can be asserted that at present CIB is the world’s foremost platform for international cooperation and information exchange in the area of building and construction research and innovation.


国际建筑与建设研究创新理事会-香港大学学生分部(CIB-HKU student chapter)成立于2005年,是国际建筑与建设研究创新理事会(CIB)和香港大学建筑学院(FoA)共同认证的博士研究生学术组织,也是港大建筑学院中唯一一个横跨建筑,房地产,景观,城市规划等不同学科的交流平台。 通过讲座、论坛及各类信息发布分享方式,促进建筑设计行业与学界内专家、学者与学生间跨领域、跨机构互动,从而推动城市/建筑/环境等多方面研究。

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The intention of this new Chapter is to promote discussion and debate on general issues and cutting edge research trends in Architecture, Urban planning and design, Engineering, Construction and Real Estate domains. It will provide an outstanding platform for researchers to contribute and enhance their contribution to Knowledge. All current Research Postgraduate Students (RPGs) would automatic become our members. External prospective are also welcomed to join our Chapter.

Membership of the CIB Student Chapter provides the following benefits to people:

  • access the relevant sources of information through the network with the CIB;
  • make contact with other researchers and research students at international level;
  • have a reliable and effective access point to the global research community;
  • improve your own performance through international cooperation and information exchange;
  • attend workshops/seminars and social activities organized by the CIB Student Chapter.

Members will also be informed of any latest information or activities organized by the Chapter through e-mail, newsletter and this website.

Our Activities

Joint-University Conference 跨校会议


11th academic conference for postgraduate students among HKU, Poly U and Shezhen University


Alumni Career Talks 校友职业发展讲座 


HKU RPG Graduates Experience Sharing Forum


Scholarly Lectures 学术讲座 


CIB Seminar of Advanced Built Environment Technology


Symposiums and Seminars 学术研讨会 


CIB-HKU Online Research Seminar for Overseas Young Scholars


Field Trips 学术考察 




Student Engagements 学生联谊 


New Year Socializing Party 2018 in FOA