What is the Mentorship Programme about?

The Mentorship Programme is a bridge between the graduates and students of our Department.  It aims to strengthen the network of our HKU surveying family by building a closer, stronger, and more supportive relationship between mentors and mentees.

As a start, we will run the Programme in a non-structural manner – mentorship relationships are defined by mentors’ and mentees’ mutual agreement.  Our Association will not interfere with the mentorship relationship except for the initial allocation of mentors and mentees.  This ensures that the Programme is perceived as a benefit but not an obligation.  A first gathering will be organized to let mentors and mentees meet with each other.

Who can be mentors/mentees?

All graduates of our Department, irrespective of their current occupations and years of experience, can be mentors.  A mentor can choose to have more than 1 mentee, but in no case more than three.  If you want to be a mentor, please register with us using the online form or through email!

Depending on the participation rate of mentors, mentees may be initially limited to a certain group of students, say year-2 students of our Department only.  In future, when more graduates are familiar with the Programme, we hope to include all undergraduates, postgraduates, and even fresh graduates as mentees.

What are the possible roles of mentors/mentees?

Mentors Mentees
  • To understand what the “kids” think
  • To understand what the “old guys” think
  • To share career and life experience
  • To sustain social and personal growth
  • To advise on academic matters
  • To share study experience
  • To participate in activities for friendship
  • To organize activities for friendship
  • etc.
  • etc.

As the Programme is new to all of us, we welcome any comments or suggestions on how to make further improvements.