Programme Director

Anderson Lee – Associate Professor of Practice, HKU
Anderson is an architect, educator and independent curator. He founded Index Architecture in 2000 and has been teaching at the Faculty of Architecture, the University of Hong Kong since 2003. He is the Director of the MArch(Design) program and has been the Program Director of the Career Discovery Program for the past 16 years.

Past Lecturers

Our lecturers are a range of practising professionals and academics that have been carefully chosen to give students a comprehensive understanding of architectural design, history and theory, and a holistic view on the Architecture industry as well as its related fields.

Wallace Chang – Associate Professor, HKU
Tony Ip – Founder of Tony Ip Green Architects (TiP), Architect
Hoyin Lee – Associate Professor – Architectural Conservation Program Director, HKU
Vincci Mak – Senior Lecturer, Department of Landscape Architecture, HKU
Ying Zhou – Assistant Professor, HKU
Naserin Seraji – Professor, HKU
Eric Schuldenfrei – Associated Professor, Head of Department of Architecture, HKU
Thomas Tsang – Associate Professor, HKU
Weijen Wang – Professor, HKU
Jia Beisi – Associate Professor, HKU
Roberto Belette – Lecturer, HKU
Kristof Crolla – Associate Professor, HKU
Cole Roskam – Associate Professor, HKU
Chad Mckee – Assistant Professor, HKU
Eunice Seng – Associate Professor, HKU

Past Studio Instructors

Career Discovery studios are taught by practising professionals, and are supported by a team of Teaching Assistants that have a comprehensive understanding of architectural design as well as studio culture. The studios are set up in a way that each student would be encouraged to exchange ideas with each other as well as develop the projects rigorously under the guidance of our staff.

Sunnie Lau – Lecturer, HKU
Joshua Roberts – Assistant Professor, HKU
Norman Ung – Co-Founder of “DEFT”, Architect
Peter Colin Lampard – Co-Founder of “DEFT”, Architect
Amanda Ho – Co-Founder of “A Minute Studio”, Architect
Dennis Cheung – Co-Founder of Studio Ryte, Architect
Betty Ng – Co-Founder of Collective Studio, Architect
Charles Lai – Partner of Aona Architects, Architect
Rosalia Leung – Lecturer, HKU
Evelyn Ting – Managing Director of New Office Works, Architect
Aron Tsang – Co-Founder of Napp Studio, Architect