Management Committee

Professor K W Chau – Director, Department of Real Estate and Construction

Professor Say Goo – Deputy Director, Department of Law

Professor Chenggang Xu – Deputy Director, School of Economics and Finance

Professor Lawrence Lai – Committee Member, Department of Real Estate and Construction

Dr Kelvin S. K. Wong – Committee Member, Department of Real Estate and Construction

Advisory Committee

Professor Lee K. Benham

Board Member, The Ronald Coase Institute; Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics, Washington University in St. Louis

Dr Richard Sandor

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Environmental Financial Products LLC; Founder, Coase Sandor Institute for Law & Economics, University of Chicago; Aaron Director Lecturer in Law and Economic, University of Chicago Law School;

Professor Chris Webster

Dean, Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong; Chair Professor of Urban Planning and Development Economics

Honorary Fellows

Dr. Cheung Ka Shing William, Lecturer in Property, University of Auckland Business School

Professor Frank LORNE, New York Institute of Technology

Dr Ning WANG, Ronald Coase Institute

Dr. Queena Qian, Delft University of Technology