The winning entry is the MiC Three Treasures:

[Digest from the HKU Press Release]:

1. Remote e-Inspection System for the Manufacturing and Delivery of Offsite Modular Construction
This e-Inspection System is a Modular Construction Supply Chain Quality Assurance system that includes i-Core (an loT device attached to each MC module to monitor the position, humidity, temperature and collision data), e-InStar (an App for uploading the checking result of each production step in a remote factory to the block chain), e-TranStar (an App for monitoring the location and condition of the MC module in the transport process) and a blockchain-based backend. Designed for offsite modular construction use to help solve housing problems, it reduces resources required for supervision and paperwork while ensuring tamper-proof data, helping overcome the current difficulties in monitoring the quality of production and transportation from remote sites. The system has been piloted in an HKU project in Hong Kong with two 17-storey buildings using 952 MiC modules.

The system was developed by Prof Wilson Lu, Director of the iLab of the Faculty of Architecture, together with Professor Anthony Yeh, Chair Professor of the Department of Urban Planning and Design, and Mr KL Tam, Former Director of the Estates Office of The University of Hong Kong.

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