We received the Construction Industry Council (CIC) BIM achievement award 2020. Prof. George Huang (Chair Professor, Dept. of IMSE, HKU), Prof. Wilson Lu (Professor, Dept. of REC, HKU), Dr Ray Zhong (Assistant Professor, Dept. of IMSE, HKU), and Dr David Leung (LSCM) went to CIC to receive the award. It was based on an ITF project in 2015 – “RFID-Enabled Building Information Modelling (BIM) Platform for Prefabrication Housing Production in Hong Kong”. It was successfully completed with a pilot project of Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA). The project is still making its impact on both the academic and practice.

It has been reported by CIC (https://www.bim.cic.hk/en/events/page/WinningList) and my Department LinkedIn Page (https://www.linkedin.com/school/hkurec/).