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In this Studio, students will focus on how to design a landscape, and learn about typographic changes. 

They will develop a basic landscape model and explore to develop a design idea.

A variety of basic skills, techniques and drawing representations, that are typically used in landscape architecture, are introduced in the exercises.


Planting is an essential component of landscape architecture and it often involves practical skills, as well as working with other landscape materials such as water and soil.

In this exercise, through designing an installation and configuring numerous different plants contained in acrylic cylinders, students will have the opportunity to learn basic planting skills and more importantly, develop their design experience by building an actual installation.

The variety of plants are selected for three different types of planting: aquatic, normal soil and sandy soil. Species such as Wallichii, Sansevieria trifasciata, Nepeta cataria, Cactaceae and Bryophyta are chosen for students to learn and experience different planting methods.

This installation design – how it is laid out and how cylinders containing different plants begins to relate to each other – should attract the general public to interact with the plants and to create interesting moments or viewing angles where the plants can be highlighted.


In this Studio, students are to design a piece of landscape furniture starting from the most basic concept to actual construction, using corrugated cardboard. They explore the idea of ‘human scale’ and the way a sitting object works.

Each group is given a verb, to TWIST or to BEND, which is interpreted and reacted to during the design process. Through the design process they learn to consider these areas: its design aesthetics, spatial layout on site, structural integrity, relationship between the form and the function and how to construct it using the appropriate construction techniques.

The installation is interactive with the general public, allowing them to engage with this project.